FEATURE: GQ Style Profiles Chick Corea, Charles Lloyd, & Roy Haynes



This week, GQ Style reporter Nick Marino and photographer Christian Weber interviewed ten jazz masters on the relationship between their music and their style. Check out snippets from the profiles of TKA artist Chick Corea, Charles Lloyd, & Roy Haynes below!



Charles Lloyd on his modeling career: ““Yohji Yamamoto has made a lot of clothes for me and invited me to model in Paris and in Tokyo. We share an aesthetic sensibility.”

Chick Corea on living healthy: “About five years ago I went on a plant-based diet…I came down from a 44 waist to a 33 waist. None of my clothes fit me anymore; I had to get rid of them all. It felt so good.”

Roy Haynes on dressing well from an early age: ““Even before I had a good gig, I was having stuff made. Some people would come to my gig to see what I was wearing.”


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