KUDOS: The Dustbowl Revival named Featured Hotstar by Pollstar

Tina Amendola for POLLSTAR – The story of The Dustbowl Revival’s formation begins with Zach Lupetin relocating from the Midwest to Los Angeles in 2007. He wanted to start a band that played brass and string band styles, so what does he do? He posted an ad on Craigslist.

The Dustbowl Revival composed of Lupetin on guitar and vocals, Liz Beebe on vocals and ukulele, Joshlyn Heffernan on drums, James Klopfleisch on double bass, Ulf Björlin on trombone, Matt Rubin on trumpet, Daniel Mark on mandolin and Connor Vance on fiddle has since been making a name for itself playing its own mix of Americana, soul, funk, roots-rock and jazz.

Jeff DeLia of 72 Music Management said a client brought he and The Dustbowl Revival together.

“It’s kind of interesting how we connected. I also manage A.J. Croce and A.J. and Dustbowl were playing a festival called Tønder Festival in Denmark a little over a year ago. The drummer for Dustbowl became friends with the guitarist for A.J.’s band and they hung out a lot.” DeLia told Pollstar. “Dustbowl was looking for management and asked Michael [Bizar] if he knew anyone and Michael suggested me. I looked them up and I thought they looked incredible.”

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